Portfolio: Encyclopaedia Britannica

Work: System Architecture, Web and Desktop Development (C and Tcl), Team Management

Website: http://www.britannica.com/ (formerly ebig.com and eblast.com)

In the late 1990's I was hired full time at Encyclopaedia Britannica as a software engineer and then was rapidly promoted several times to Principal Engineer. As Principal Engineer I was in charge of development for the website and served as technical liason to the executive team.

During my time at Britannica I moved the site from a TCL-based AOLServer system developed by Arthur Anderson to a custom template-based system written in C running under Netscape Enterprise Server. The template system allowed designers to directly edit the site in Dreamweaver and editors to update content through a custom content management system.

Along with my web development and management activities I lobbied for and built a Windows desktop notification bar application in C that allowed users to hit a hotkey, enter a search term and then be directed to the search results page on the site.

The site itself went through several re-brandings, from ebig.com to eblast.com and finally to britannica.com. As a result of my performance I was the only non-executive employee to receive a performance bonus.