Portfolio: Columbia University

Work: Architecture and Desktop Development (ActionScript, Flex)

Over the course of a 3 year sub-contract with Columbia University I built 28 research activities across 10 standalone Adobe Air apps for the Mathemantics project at Columbia Teacher's College. Adobe Air was chosen in order to provide a rich standalone game research environment that could be used without relying on an Internet connection.

Each of the 10 apps was an "environment" that encompassed part of the research study, such as Equivalence, Multiplication and Written Calculation. Each environment contained multiple games that were customizable by the group of PhD student researchers though a control panel.

As explained on their website

MathemAntics™ is a sequence of research-based educational computer activities for teaching mathematics to preschool through third grade students. MathemAntics™ is guided by cognitive research and theory on the development and education of mathematical thinking. The system is designed to supplement mathematics curricula in the classroom and to provide opportunities for mathematics education in the home. This project is led by principal investigator, Dr. Herbert Ginsburg of Teachers College, Columbia University, and involves collaboration with Educational Network Services (ENS) located in Concord, MA, and the developers of the Stern Blocks, Fred Stern and Temple Ary. The project is supported by the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) and the Cleveland Dodge Foundation.